2015 Instruction & Technology Fair

SAMR Model

Facilitator:  IU Team (BCIU) | Rm # | Sessions 1,2,3,4,5

Description:  This session will provide guidance regarding what the SAMR model is and how it can be utilized to support and enable teachers to design, develop, and infuse digital learning experiences into their lessons that utilize technology.

Presentation: SAMR – Technology in the Service of Learning

SAMR Resources

Google EDU Ecosystem

Facilitator: Rich Kiker | Rm # | Sessions 1,2

Description:  The number of free resources from Google grows every day, and the ways educators can leverage these solutions are many.  In this session, we’ll look at how Virtual Tour Tools, Tools for Digital Literacy, and Immersive Experiences can enhance your teaching.  We’ll take a tour of the latest and greatest from Google, including Chrome labs, Google Cultural Institute, Google.org, WDYL, Science Fair, and more!

Google Forms for Formative Assessments

Facilitator: Rich Kiker | Rm # | Sessions 3

Description:  Google forms is one of the finest formative assessment tools on the market.  Properly infused, this tool can save teachers time by providing the feedback desired in an easy to use format. This session will provide an overview of Google forms, the utilization of surveys for formative assessment, and how to share and graph student data.

Introduction to the Google Classroom

Facilitator: Rich Kiker | Rm # | Sessions 4,5

Description:  An introduction to the new Google Classroom web tool for managing online assignments, sharing online resources, and automatic organization of your class in Google Drive.


Facilitator: Microsoft Team | Rm # | Sessions 1,2,3,4,5

Description:  This session will focus on how to implement OneNote successfully in the classroom.

Office 365

Facilitator:  Microsoft Team | Rm # | Sessions 1,2,3,4,5

Description:  This session will provide an introduction to the Microsoft Office 365 environment, and will spark ideas on how to utilize these tools within the classroom.


Facilitator:  Stoneware Team | Rm # | Sessions 1,2,3,4,5

Description:  This session will review the basic functionality of LanSchool, and will show how to best utilize this tool in the classroom.

Discovery Education

Facilitator:  Kevin Andreyo (BCIU) | Rm # | Sessions 1,2,3

Description:  In this workshop, you’ll learn how to use Discovery Education Streaming, an on-demand video streaming service provided to all public schools in Berks County.  You’ll learn basic and advanced techniques for finding useful videos for your classroom including searching by Pennsylvania’s Core Standards, and you’ll discover how to manage and organize video clips for easy access during instructional time.

BCIU Resources

Facilitator:  Kevin Andreyo (BCIU) | Rm # | Sessions 4,5

Description:  This session will review all the resources (e.g. – trainings, networking opportunities, staffing available to support schools, objects teachers can sign-out, etc.) BHASD has available through the IU.

CDT Training

Facilitator:  Dan Richards (BCIU) | Rm # | Sessions 1,2,3,4,5

Description:  This session will focus on how to pull and analyze CDT reports to help make informed, instructional decisions.  Conversations will also center around how to engage students in the process.

WebsiteDRC eDirect

45 in 45

Facilitator:  IU Team (BCIU) | Rm # | Sessions 1,2,3,4,5

Description:  45 apps in 45 minutes.  This fast-paced session will provide teachers with basic exposure to 45 apps that have proven useful in the educational setting.

45 Apps in 45 Minutes Resources

Digital Citizenship

Facilitator:  Jennifer Kaucher (COCA) | Rm # | Sessions 1,2

Description:  “Teens & Technology” is a presentation designed for teachers addressing the dangers of the misuse of technology, including social media and video games.  We will talk about the good, bad & ugly, including the following topics: benefits of technology, technology addiction, cyberbullying, sexting, and sharing too much information, both personal and inappropriate.

Presentation: Teens & Technology

2015 COCA TNT Student Handout

Parent Handout

Parent App Guide Handout

Website: Act 26 Cyber Harassment Law

ST Math (for Elementary School Teachers Only)

Facilitator:  Mind Research Team | Rm # | Sessions 1,2,3

Description:  This session will provide K-3 teachers with overview training for ST Math.

Computer/Office Basics

Facilitator:  Karen Krumanocker & Wendy Pristash | Rm # | Sessions 1,4

Description:  This course will review Windows 8.1 basics (e.g. – pinning apps, customizing tiles, navigating the OS, etc.), Microsoft Office basics (e.g. – vocabulary, saving work, using programs, etc.), and basic troubleshooting (e.g. – frozen computer screen, frozen projector screen, computer blue screen, etc.).

Teacher Website Basics

Facilitator:  Heather Damato | Rm # | Sessions 2,5

Description:  This session is to review how to edit our BHASD teacher web pages.  Discussion will also be centered on how to utilize this tool to benefit student learning.

Web 2.0 Tools

Facilitator:  Lindsay Yeakel | Rm # | Sessions 1,5

Description:  This session will start by reviewing what Web 2.0 actually is.  We will then transition into looking at several online resources, and conclude by looking at tools that help teachers evaluate and find quality resources (apps, websites, resources, etc.).

Presentation: Web 2.o in Education

Adobe Captivate & EDpuzzle

Facilitator:  Matthew Donato | Rm # | Sessions 4,5

Description:  Learn to use Adobe captivate as a simple screen capture tool that will allow you to make videos in the style of Kahn Academy.  In this session we will record a short video, convert it to Windows Media Player, then upload to a newly created TeacherTube account.  Finally, you will learn to add your video as a link to your district teacher page.

In the second half of the session, you will learn to use the internet based tool called EdPuzzle.  EdPuzzle allows you to easily create an account in which students are given a simple class code to join.  Once an account has been created, you choose videos from sources such as YouTube, TeacherTube, Discovery, etc.  You can even use your own videos that you created through Captivate.  Once a video has been chosen, you can crop the length of the video, embed questions throughout, add voice overs and more.

Adobe Captivate: How To Guide

Adobe Captivate: TeacherTube

Adobe Captivate: Posting Video To District Teacher Page

Video: EdPuzzle (YouTube link)


Facilitator:  Karey Dirsa & Karen Fluharty | Rm # | Sessions 1,4

Facilitator:  Lyndsay Levengood & Nancy Graber | Rm # | Sessions 3,5

Description:  This session will provide basic training on NearPod.  We will review what NearPod is, what it can do, where to find resources, and allow time to build an interactive lesson.

Presentation: What is NearPod?

NearPod: How To Guide

Digital Assessments

Facilitator:  Kathryn Small & Karl Kotsch | Rm # | Sessions 3,4

Facilitator:  Kristie Scheuer & Nicole Konyak | Rm # | Sessions 2,5

Description:  This course will provide attendees with a variety of FREE digital assessments (Quizlet, Quizstar, Kahoot, QR Codes, Blog/Discussion Boards, etc.).

Discussion Boards




Library Resources

Facilitator:  Jennifer Johnson & Marie Ballantyne | Rm # | Sessions 3,4

Description:  BHASD libraries have a myriad of resources available to supplement instruction in the classroom.  This presentation will have something for teachers from K-12.

BHHS Library Guide

Kaizena & Chogger

Facilitator:  Michael Kistler | Rm # | Sessions 2,3

Description:  This session will provide training on both Kaizena and Chogger.  Kaizena allows teacher to provide students with verbal feedback to digitally submitted assignments.  Chogger is a comic strip creator which allows one to draw cartoons, add captions to photos, and more.