BHHS Artists published in National Magazine – Prehistoric Times

07-12-18 HIG Administrators 0 comment

Congratulations Corinne, Madilyn, Ariyanna, Leslie, Mihaela and MR Graham for getting published in the National Magazine Prehistoric Times!

Here is what the editor of the magazine wrote in Issue 127:


Mark Graham is an art teacher at Brandywine Heights High School in rural Pennsylvania. He teaches an advanced class in illustration for seniors and this year offered a unit on paleoart right at the beginning of the school year.

Mark said “I’ve submitted a few drawings to Prehistoric Times before and thought it would be fun to structure my unit in paleoart around researching, drawing, and submitting illustrations for your magazine, which we read in class.

The girls and I decided on doing Rajasaurus for the September deadline. They studied dinosaur paleobiology, read the original paper that described Rajasaurus, drew it’s skull and skeletal structure and had to come up with their own unique views of the animal in a variety of media — some used indigo blue pencils, other graphite, others pen & ink. I am attaching their five works in the hopes that you might wish to include one or more of them in issue 127.

If any meet your standards please let me know and I can give you the girl’s complete name. EIther way, the students had a great time and I enjoyed the project so much I plan to make it a regular part of the class!”

Thanks so much, Mark and girls. Your wish is my command. I love the art you sent and here is your own page to display it. You are all officially published artists now.

– Editor of Prehistoric Times