Curriculum & Instruction

Mr. Thomas Voelker,
Assistant to the Superintendent

Mrs. Mandi Kercher,
Curriculum Supervisor

Mrs. Maria Winkler
Administrative Assistant

Ms. Carly Worman
Supervisor of Instruction & Assessment

Office of Curriculum and Instruction

The Assistant to the Superintendent manages the Office of Curriculum and Instruction. Responsibilities include organizing and administering (1) the curriculum review process; (2) the selection of instructional materials; and (3) the alignment of district curricula with state and national academic standards.

The Assistant to the Superintendent oversees the development and implementation of instructional programs and the district’s Comprehensive Plan. In addition, he serves as the district assessment coordinator, is responsible for the administration of federal programs within the district, and ensures the delivery of staff development opportunities that address curricular and professional development needs. The Assistant to the Superintendent also supports the integration of technology in curricular programs and ensures the successful implementation of district technology initiatives.

The Office of Curriculum & Instruction is in the Central Administration Office, located within the Brandywine Heights Middle School. Office hours are M-F 8:00 am – 4:00 pm.

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