Title I Program

Brandywine Heights Elementary and Brandywine Heights Intermediate School are identified Title I buildings. Reading help is offered to students in grades K-5.

All students receiving additional support must qualify through teacher recommendation and district screening assessments. After students are identified, our Reading Specialists use individual or small group sessions both in class and as a pull-out program for instruction.

The school sets a goal for academic progress obtained by the students that will be measured through yearly assessments. Students are successful when they fall into the proficient range of achievement. As required by law, all our professionals working in the Title I Program are Highly Qualified teachers. They hold a degree, have Pennsylvania Certification, and have shown competency in their subject area.

As required by law, parents will participate in their child’s Title I instruction. Planning, working at the home, evaluation, and meetings will take place for parent input.

Overall, the district is pleased with the success rate of our students and in the services that are being provided in the educational program. During the 2013-2014 AND the 2014-2015 school year, the Brandywine Heights Elementary School was identified as a “Reward: High Achievement” building. This means that our Elementary School’s School Performance Profile (SPP) score was in the top 5% of the state – when compared to all other Title I buildings.

Please direct any questions about the Title I Program:
Office of Curriculum & Instruction at 610.682.5113.