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Business Office Specialist

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The primary goal of the Purchasing Department is to obtain the highest quality products and services at the best prices, while maintaining ethical business practices and compliance with both the Pennsylvania School Code and state laws. Procurement of products and services is primarily done through consortiums that provide a multitude of cooperative purchasing vendors who offer discounted pricing through a competitive bid process. In addition, the District also utilizes several other cooperative purchasing programs such as COSTARS, PEPPM, US Communities, Keystone Purchasing Network as well as line item bidding through Berks County Intermediate Unit #14.

Pennsylvania State Law establishes dollar thresholds for bid and price quote requirements. Effective January 1, 2021, purchases for supplies, equipment, repairs, maintenance, and construction more than $11,500 but less than $21,300 require 3 quotes, and all purchases of $21,300 or more must be publicly bid. [Purchases under $11,500 do not require competitive bids or quotes.]

The selected bid name/number/year should be noted on purchase orders.


BHASD Purchasing Procedures


Joint Purchasing Cooperatives

The Brandywine Heights Area School District participates in a number of joint purchasing cooperatives.  These cooperatives have been competitively bid and allows the District to purchase goods and services at a discounted rate.

Chester County Intermediate Unit Percentage Off Discount Catalog Bids

Lancaster Lebanon Intermediate Unit 13 Collaborative Purchasing Solutions

COSTARS PA Department of General Services Contracts

PEPPM Technology Bidding and Purchasing Program

U.S. Communities

Keystone Purchasing Network (KPN)

BuyBoard Cooperative Purchasing