School counselors actively identify academic, career, and personal/social challenges for students, and assist them in planning future education or career choices. School counselors create connections between a student’s academic, personal and vocational goals.

  • Academic Advising
  • Career Planning
  • Personal/Social/School Counseling

Our Services

At an early age, BHASD students are taught that school counselors are a support to them.  As students progress through the grades, counselors remain available to provide individual and group counseling for academic, career or personal/social concerns.

Counselors consult with parents and school staff to help students be successful.  At the elementary level, they also offer assistance through classroom guidance, including prevention education, emphasizing safety, conflict resolution and bullying prevention.

Counselors coordinate services for students by working cooperatively with community agencies, which offer additional resources to help our students.

BHASD school counselors help students deal with issues ranging from normal developmental concerns to career exploration to crises or trauma.  School counseling and guidance services are available to all students in all schools.

Contact Us: 

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Elementary School:

Mr. Doug Felegy
Guidance Counselor
Fax: 610.682.5176

Intermediate School:

Ms. Heather Kulp
Guidance Counselor
Fax: 610.682.5105

Middle School

Mr. Larry Schumacher
Guidance Counselor
Fax: 610.682.5105

High School

Ms. Amy Yusella
Counselor, Students A-L 
610.682.5102 Ext 2011
Fax: 610.682.5139

Mr. Dave Favata
Counselor, Students M-Z
610.682.5102 Ext 2012
Fax: 610.682.5139

Mrs. Anne Moll
Transition Coordinator
610.682.5102 Ext 2013 
Fax: 610.682.5139      

Ms. Lori Miller
Guidance Administrative Assistant 
610.682.5102 Ext 2010
Fax: 610.682.5139