Hybrid Learning

The Brandywine Heights Area School District is looking to pilot hybrid learning in several classes during the 2013-2014 school year.  In a hybrid classroom (rotation model – pictured to the right), teachers are able to provide their typical whole group instruction, but then break into three small groups.  One group with meet with the teacher, another group would work on their computers (receiving supplemental instruction), and the third group could work on a collaborative project where they can apply the skills recently learned to real life.  While the small group rotation model is not new to education (or Brandywine Heights), the infusion of technology to help gather data and supplement instruction is new.  The data gathered from students working on the computers informs the teacher about their levels of comprehension, which then drives the flexible groups meeting with the teacher on the following day.  Based on that data, the teacher is then more easily able to provide individualized instruction for every student to better ensure that students receive the support necessary to be successful.  The video clip below shows what this type of instructional practice looks like in action.