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The Brandywine Heights School District is comprised of District, Rockland and Longswamp Townships. The Borough of Topton, which is central to our district and where our administrative offices are located, is approximately 6 miles from the nearby community of Kutztown. Kutztown houses the campus of a local branch of the state college system. Within easy driving range of the larger metropolitan areas of Allentown and Reading, Topton is a relatively rural area with a borough population of approximately 2000.

“Uniting students, staff, and community to engineer a culture of learning where each student discovers passion and purpose.”

About Brandywine Heights Area School District

The Brandywine Heights Area School District is located in the northeastern quadrant of Berks County, about ten miles from the City of Reading. The district borders Lehigh County and is within commuting distance of the Allentown/Bethlehem metropolitan area. The district encompasses approximately 52.2 square miles and is comprised of four municipalities: the Borough of Topton and the townships of District, Longswamp, and Rockland.

Topton is perhaps best known for being the home of the Topton Lutheran Home, an assisted living and skilled nursing community for the elderly. The largest commercial industry in the Topton area is East Penn Manufacturing, associated with the manufacture and shipping of Deka automotive and marine batteries.

The close proximity of two larger cities, Allentown and Bethlehem, provides opportunities for employment in any number of occupations that would not normally be available in a small community. Proposed new highways leading from the larger local metropolitan areas, passing in the near vicinity of the Borough of Topton, provide a ready access for both businesses and residents of the area.

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School District Goals, Objectives and Performance Standards

Pursuant to Act 141 of the Pennsylvania School Code enacted in 2012, school boards are required to disclose the objectives and performance standards for the Superintendent on their district website.  The Superintendent is ultimately responsible for ensuring the goals of the district are satisfactorily planned and achieved. School districts are also required to post on their website whether or not the performance standards were met by the Superintendent.

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