Come Volunteer With Us

Volunteer and Helper Requirements

The Brandywine Heights Area School District values parents and community members who offer their time to assist the staff and students of the district. School Board Policy 916 Volunteers describes two different categories of volunteers:

Helper: An individual who voluntarily provides an unpaid service for the district at no charge on an infrequent basis and/or has limited contact with students. A helper will work with students under the direct supervision of a district employee.

REQUIREMENTS: Helpers must sign and submit a Helper Affidavit and PDE 6004 Arrest/Conviction Report and Certification Form to the school office each time they help.

VOLUNTEER: An individual who voluntarily provides a service to the district on a recurring basis and/or has substantial contact with students. Said service does not necessarily have to be performed on consecutive days. A volunteer may be reasonably expected to work with students and/or without the direct supervision of a district employee. For example: classroom volunteer or field trip chaperone.


REQUIREMENTS: Volunteers must submit the following documents to any School Office.

  1. Volunteer Acknowledgement
  2. PDE 6004 Arrest/Conviction Report & Conviction Form
  3. PA Child Abuse History Certification
  4. PA State Police Criminal History Certification
  5. Tuberculin Test Results
  • ONLY IF REQUIRED- Federal Criminal History Record Information (FBI) Clearance
  • Those who have not been a resident of Pennsylvania during the entirety of the previous ten (10) year period, must also submit a Pennsylvania Department of Education Act 114 Federal Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) Clearance (FBI Fingerprinting) which requires individuals to have fingerprints digitally rolled at a registered fingerprinting site.
  • Applicants can schedule a fingerprint appointment at and enter Service Code 1KG6XN.


If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact or call 610-682-5100.