Safety Committee


It is the responsibility of the Safety Committee to provide a safe and secure environment for all students, staff and visitors of the Brandywine Heights Area School District.

Safety Resources

The BHASD Safety & Health Handbook provides guidelines the District follows to ensure a safe and healthy environment for staff, students and guests.

To view additional safety resources, access the Intranet for district staff.


To increase safety awareness in district staff
To investigate every accident, determine the cause, and take corrective action
To look at policies, procedures, training issues, and make changes to prevent recurrences
To inspect buildings for safety concerns and hazards – Building Inspection Form

What is a Safety Committee?

The Worker Comp (Safety) Committee will be responsible for reviewing workers compensation claims and developing possible recommendations for future safety precautions so further incidents of the same kind do not occur.

What are the basic committee requirements?

  1. Committees must have a minimum of 2 employer and 2 employee representatives, meet monthly and be in operation for at least 6 full months.
  2. All committee members must be trained annually by qualified trainers in safety committee operation, hazard inspection and accident investigation. Safety Committee Training
  3. Committee meeting agendas, attendance lists and meeting minutes must be kept.

An instruction in safety committee operation, hazard inspection and accident investigation will occur every January to ensure all team members are properly trained.

The Safety Committee

Committee Chair:
Lisa Turner – Teacher, Elementary School

Committee Co-Chair:
Larry Schumacher – Guidance Counselor, Middle School

Sarah Giannotti – Payroll Manager, Business Office

Andrew Potteiger – Administration, Central Office
Carolyn Hanych – Administration, High School
Katharine Ege – Secretary, Central Office
Robert Hauck – Supervisor, Custodial Staff
Brian Pawling – Administration, Business Office
Ilyse Moyer – Benefits Specialist
Paige Kowolewski-Athletics/HS
Bob Hogan-Teacher/ES