School Board

The Brandywine Heights School Board is comprised of nine residents elected to terms of four years each. School Directors are not paid for their services. A member may run for re-election to successive terms. Voting takes place at the regular May primaries and November general elections in odd numbered years. When vacancies occur unexpectedly, the board may appoint a replacement to serve until the next municipal general election. The district solicitor, secretary and treasurer are appointed by the board.

School Board Director Vacancy

The Brandywine Heights Area School District is seeking a candidate to fulfill the remaining term of a Board of Director seat due to a recent resignation.  The term of this open seat will expire in December 2019.  Interested individuals must be a resident of the Brandywine Heights Area School District for at least one year, at least 18 years of age, of good moral character, able to participate in monthly meetings the first Monday of the month and willing to devote his/her time to the education of our children.

Candidates are to send a letter of interest and resume to Brandywine Heights Area School District, Attn: Office of Superintendent, 200 West Weis Street, Topton, PA 19562. Letters must be received by Wednesday, September 5.  The School Board of Directors will hold public interviews at the September 10 Board Meeting for each applicant and will make a selection to fulfill the remaining term that evening. The School Board Meeting will be held on Monday, September 10, 2018 at 6:00 pm in Room 229 of the Intermediate/Middle School, 200 W Weis Street, Topton, PA.

For more information about serving as a School Board Director, please review Essentials of School Board Service published by the Pennsylvania School Boards Association (PSBA).

School Board Action

The school board sets policies within the framework of the state school code and regulations of the state board of education. In effect, the school board is the legislative branch of the school district. The board defines policies which are implemented by the administrative and instructional staffs. District affairs are audited annually by independent auditors and periodically by the office of the state auditor general.

Residents who wish to place an item on the board or workshop agenda should submit the item, in writing, to the superintendent of schools at least one week prior to the next meeting of the board. The secretary of the board is elected every four years and is responsible for correspondence and the recording of all school board action. In some districts, including Brandywine, the secretary is also the business manager and therefore responsible for conducting all business functions of the school district. The school district solicitor is an attorney who is retained by the board as a legal counselor and advisor.

Call to Order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call

I.    Board of Directors and Committee Reports

II.   Business and Operations Report

III.  Superintendent’s Report

IV.  Personnel Report

V.    Other Business


  • Any resident, student, or staff member may speak at the board meeting.
  • Visitors upon being recognized by the board president, may speak to agenda items.
  • Visitors will be permitted to comment or ask questions on any subject at a time designated on the agenda.
  • Comments and questions should be stated as concisely as possible.
  • Public comment may be limited to five minutes.
  • No person should orally initiate personal charges or complaints against individual employees at a public meeting of the board. Any charges, complaints or challenges should be presented to the superintendent in writing and by the complainant. Generally, any charges presented to the board at an open meeting will be referred to the superintendent for investigation and reporting.
  • Private meetings may also be requested with the board by calling or writing to the superintendent.

In order to serve students, parents, residents and the district BEST, items concerning individual student(s) and/or issue(s) should be referred to the first appropriate level as follows:

  • 1st level – Teacher
  • 2nd Level – Bldg. Principal
  • 3rd Level – Superintendent
  • 4th Level – School Board

This process should save YOU time and provide the highest quality of resolution. We ALL need to communicate in a manner which demonstrates mutual respect for student, parent, community, and school district needs, roles, and responsibilities. Effective communication and accountability must occur at all levels of successful organizations.