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Health Room Visits

Your child’s health & wellness is the primary concern of the school nurse.

A nurse will be available during your child’s school day for injuries and illnesses that occur during the school day.

When your child is not feeling well, please take the time to assess whether your child should come to school or stay at home.  Please do not send them to school ill.  This may jeopardize the health of other students.  If you decide to send your child to school, there are PA State Guidelines the nurse follows, and based on the nurse’s assessment she will determine if the child may remain or is too ill to stay in school. A parent will be notified if the nurse assesses the need for your child to go home or need further medical attention.

Student Medication

The nurses are able to administer medication to your child with the appropriate forms signed and completed. A health card and a medication administration form will be sent home on the first day of school every year. Medications the nurses are able to provide are listed on the health card and with parental signature will be administered as needed when your child may require it during the school day. Any other medication, including-over-the counter medication will require completion of the medication administration form signed by both parent & your child’s physician. Additional medication forms are also available below under Health Service Forms link. Keep the medication form in a safe place in case your child needs either over-the-counter or prescription medication during school hours.

Students should not carry any medications including over-the-counter drugs with them during the day. Asthma Inhalers are the only exception and a physician must complete a medication form stating the student is permitted to carry & self-administer the inhaler, and must demonstrate initially to the school nurse proper use of prescribed inhaler. If a parent believes their child may need medication during the day and allows them to bring it to school, the medication should be taken to the nurse in the morning.

Student Immunizations

All immunization requirements must be met prior to the first day of school to avoid exclusion of your child from school. Your child may be admitted provisionally if proof of at least one dose of the required immunizations has been administered. If the requirements have not been met after the provisional period, your child will be excluded from school until documentation of the required immunization has been received. A copy of an official immunization record or note from your child’s physician must be provided. Students, who have not been properly immunized or have requested an immunization waiver based on religious or medical reasons, will be excluded from school in the event there is a documented case of a reportable disease during the school year.

Mandated Annual Health Screenings

All students receive annual height, weight, BMI, and vision screenings. Hearing screenings are also required in Kdg through 3rd grade & again in 7th and 11th grade.  

Physical & dental exams are required in the following school years;

Kdg, 6th grade, & 11th grade- Physical Exams
Kdg, 3rd grade & 7th Grade- Dental Exams

Parents may choose to have either a school exam or an exam performed by their child’s private physician. School exams are performed only one day during the school year. All private forms must be signed & completed by the physician and returned to the school nurse during the mandated year. Due to insurance reasons, any exam completed within one year prior to the mandated school year will also be accepted.

Sunscreen Protection Law

In October 2018, the Pennsylvania School Code was amended to include a section on Sun Protection Measures for Students.  Section 1414.10 states that a school entity shall allow the application of sunscreen during school hours, at a school-sponsored activity, or while under the supervision of school personnel. Review the full legislation, which is available on the Pennsylvania General Assembly’s website:

Parents/guardians may choose to supply their child with non-aerosol topical sunscreen, if it is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  Parents/guardians and students must complete, sign, and submit a Sunscreen Form in order for their child to apply sunscreen during school hours, at a school-sponsored activity, or while under the supervision of school personnel.

A school may cancel or restrict the possession, application, or use of a non-aerosol topical sunscreen product by a student if any of the following occurs:

  • The student fails to comply with school rules concerning the possession, application, or use of the non-aerosol topical sunscreen product.
  • The student shows an unwillingness or inability to safeguard the non-aerosol topical sunscreen product from access by other students.

School Health Services Forms