Hello Brandywine Heights High School Students and Families,


This is quite the way to begin our 2020-2021 school year, and amidst such a dynamic time of change, uncertainty, and with how quickly things have moved in recent months, I could not be happier to see the students of Brandywine Heights High School again!  Our beginning to school may look and feel very different this year, but at its core it is still just that, a beginning. I’m excited to see our students and teachers again, and I stand ready to face a very different looking Fall alongside our staff and students here.  My goal is to face every day here, and every challenge that these times can bring, as one community. This time, although very different then what we may be used to, will still move very quickly I am sure, and we remain committed to making sure it is a special Fall for all of our students as we progress through the next few months.


As I enter my third year serving our district and families as the proud principal of our high school, I cannot help but take a quick moment to again thank our students for all of their hard work, and for the difference they make not only in one another’s lives, but also in the lives of our staff and our community.  I am so proud of our students and the myriad of skills, talents, and experiences that they bring to our building, and now more than ever. High School is a phenomenal time in the life of a student, and one that we will strive day in and day out to make the best possible experience that we can no matter the circumstance, and to prepare our students for whatever may come next in their lives.  It is my paramount focus to ensure an enriching, safe, and welcoming learning environment for the students here, and one that the students can be proud to be a part of every single day.  Mr. Barnhart and I are very excited for the upcoming school year, and the chance to work with our students again.


To our returning students and upperclassmen, I want to make sure you utilize the resources available through our school and counseling department to help you as you are in school, but also as a resource as you begin preparation for what may lie beyond our walls here after graduation. Please make sure to take care of yourselves both physically and emotionally, and be sure to reach out if you are in need of any assistance at all.  The changing seasons, increased demands of high school, and added facets of work, studies, relationships, activities and future planning already create challenges to any student’s year, and now amidst today’s levels of uncertainty operating in species we have never encountered before, it has become even harder to be a teenager.  It is important you know where to go, and that you are supported.


More than anything, I only ask that you approach each day with respect and integrity.  I expect two things of all of our students. I ask that you work hard and be nice, and I feel so strongly that this is a foundational piece of our school. Every day is an opportunity to do great things as you prepare for your future, and I think that you are more than capable of making a tremendous impact on the world.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 610.682.5102 or at  Also please feel free to follow our building facebook page at, or the Twitter handle @BHHSprincipal for information, pictures, and updates.  Thank you so much and have a phenomenal start to the year!


Most Sincerely,


Matthew Dziunycz