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Today is Wednesday, 6/28/17

Cycle Day 1

Welcome to the Home of the Iguanas

IS-banner-195x300The Brandywine Heights Intermediate School opened in August 2011 and consists of the fourth and fifth graders in Brandywine Heights. The Brandywine Heights Intermediate School provides the right balance of nurture and challenge for the curious, energetic pre- and early-adolescents in this age group. The Intermediate School faculty teaches math, language arts, social studies, and science. Special area teachers work with students in the arts, music, technology, physical education/health, and library science. As part of a balanced education, students will be able to participate in the instrumental music program, TAG (Talented and Gifted), remediation groups, and special services.

At the conclusion of Intermediate School, students will have a better understanding of themselves as learners, eagerness to experience new challenges, and confidence to deal with the challenge of adolescence.

About Us

The fourth and fifth grade students of the Brandywine Heights Intermediate School are serviced within the Middle School building. Even though the Intermediate School is located within the Middle School building, it is a unique and separate division with programs, activities, and classes appropriate for pre and early adolescents. The classes are located in close proximity to each other which allows the students to switch subject classes, and it provides teachers the ability to easily collaborate.

In addition to the academic subjects that the students obtain, they receive instruction in technology, arts, music, physical education, health, and library skills. Students are also offered instrumental lessons. As a balanced education, students that need remediation and enrichment are able to participate in the TAG (Talented and Gifted) program, Read 180, and Title I.

The PTC supports the students with assemblies, fun events, and fundraisers in order to offer extra programs and supplies.

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