Intermediate School

Today is Monday, 1/25/21

Intermediate School Weekly Planner

Please CLICK HERE to access the IS/MS Weekly Planner to see what your child(ren) have scheduled for the week!

Welcome to the Intermediate & Middle School

Brandywine Heights Intermediate and Middle School houses approximately five hundred and fifty students in grades four through eight. This year, we are excited to welcome our 3rd Grade students as the Elementary School is undergoing a construction and renovation project. Our main goal is to assist our students in “finding their P.U.L.S.E.” P.U.L.S.E. stands for Pride, Unity, Leadership, Service, and Engagement. It is our mission to foster these character traits in our student and it is our goal that they will help them succeed within and outside of our walls. Our curriculum encompasses many of the traditional courses and we have wide range of extra-curricular activities ranging from the Arts to Athletics. Whether your child is one of our youngest students to our oldest, our aim is to deliver a high quality education that focuses on the whole child.

Brandywine Heights Intermediate School PTC

The Brandywine Heights PTC is a collaboration of Brandywine Heights Elementary and Intermediate Schools’ parents, teachers, and administrators.  We work together to bring special events, assemblies, and family events to our schools and community.  All parents and guardians are encouraged to attend our monthly planning meetings and any support is always welcomed and appreciated!

Veteran’s Day 

Parent Academy Session “Creating a Home Learning Space”