Student Council

The role of the Brandywine Heights Middle School Student Council is to be responsible, respectful, safe, and cooperative leaders to all students at BHMS.

Student Council members will represent what a BHMS student looks like(i.e. lead by example, help fellow classmates, be respectful, get good grades and be on time, etc.) in order to make our school a better place. Being a member of BHMS Student Council is a privilege, not a right.

Upcoming Events

A School Dance with a Photo Booth, Pep Rallies, Fundraisers, and Trick-or-Treat for Unicef.

2019-2020 Student Council Officers

President:   Olivia Alderfer

Vice-President:  Elyse Stufflet

Secretary:   Hayley Reeser

Treasurer:   Olivia Moyer

2019-2020 Members

8th Grade

Kaylee Loughlin

Olivia Moyer

Avery Potteiger

Maci Rohrbach

Elyse Stufflet

7th Grade

Olivia Alderfer

Clareese Clyde

Lucia DiDomenico

Ben Grim

Brinley Hess

Devra Longacre

Sara Master

Hayley Reeser

Kaylee Turner

Zoie Zimmerman


6th Grade

Abbey Carter

Ryan DiGiosia

Ellis Kline

Madeline Roibu

Hunter Savidge

Nate Winkler

This year, we hope to:

  • Volunteer in our community
  • Meet with administrators to discuss students’ perspective on the school
  • Fundraise money to make BHMS a better place and to have fun activities that get everyone more involved in the school.