Welcome to Virtual Academy

The Brandywine Heights Virtual Academy is an extension of the Brandywine Heights Area School District that provides an online education for students who excel in a non-traditional classroom setting. We offer numerous online courses to satisfy a variety of student needs. Students may choose to take all their courses online or they may choose to take a blending of online courses and traditional brick-and-mortar courses in our schools.

Our district has partnered with Accelerate and Imagine Edgenuity to provide students with a rich curriculum and interactive learning experience. This curriculum is developed by Pennsylvania-certified and highly qualified teachers to meet our district’s expectations. The program is easy to navigate and is student-centered. The courses include a web-based curriculum with materials, highly qualified teachers, and a proprietary technology platform specifically designed for each grade level education (grades K-12).

Opportunities and Benefits of a Local Program

BHVA offers a wide variety of online courses including unique electives. Our online students have the flexibility to work on their courses full-time at home or choose part-time online and in school. Students in grades 9 through 12 have the opportunity to work on their online courses in our virtual academy classroom in the high school. Please consult the virtual academy director for the best options for your student. Virtual Academy students also have the opportunity to participate in school activities, events, and extracurriculars. We encourage students to become involved in our local assemblies, field trips, after-school clubs, dances, and athletics.

By participating in our online program, students will be provided local technology support, on-demand teacher support, asynchronous courses, and the ability to take state-mandated testing (PSSAs and Keystones) in our schools. Students who take three or more online courses qualify for several additional benefits including borrowing a laptop and printer/scanner from the district and Internet reimbursement.

Commitment to Learning

Students must be committed to online learning with motivation and self-discipline to be successful in an online education program. Parents/Guardians must also be aware of the time commitment expected of their child and monitoring of their child’s academic progress. Online learning can be just as challenging or even more so than the traditional school.

Graduate Locally

BHVA offers the cyber option to area students at a cost that is significantly lower than the prices charged by for-profit cyber schools. As a result, while students benefit from high-quality online learning with superior local support from BHVA personnel, our district taxpayers enjoy substantial cost savings. In addition, students who graduate through the BHVA program earn an honorable BHASD diploma. Brandywine Heights Virtual Academy provides the best of both worlds: virtual learning and real-world cost-effectiveness.

Interested in BHVA?

If you are a parent or student who is interested in the Brandywine Heights Virtual Academy, please contact the program director, Carolyn Hanych, at 610-682-5102 ext. 2050 or carhan@bhasd.org for more information. You may also request a demonstration account to view the curriculum.

To register for full-time participation in the virtual academy, please submit your information on the Registration Form.

Summer School

Brandywine Heights runs an online Summer School Program through the Virtual Academy.

To learn more, go to the Summer School webpage.

What is Online Learning?