Assistant Principal

Warm Greetings Brandywine Heights High School Families, 

We have gotten through half of the year so far and I feel more and more at home. Working here since July has truly given me what I was looking for in working with a great community who wants nothing but the best for their students, children and families. It is wonderful to see the community come together to help with fundraisers for families in need and others that can be helped from such generosity. It was exactly what I was looking for when applying for Administrative jobs. 

I have tried to immerse myself in the students and faculties lives here at Brandywine Heights so that I may develop lifelong relationships with them that can help them get through such an interesting time in their lives. I have always held the philosophy that students are people who are looking for someone to listen to them and respect them. All students want is to be heard, which isn’t much to ask and I hope that I have provided that thus far. 

There is an immense amount of talent from academics to athletics to the arts here at BHASD and that is a credit to the support and encouragement the community gives to them throughout their time in school. I am hoping that there is a culture of support and positivity that is building amongst the student body that lifts one another up and provides the confidence that they will have success in their lives. My goal this year was to ensure that the students have as quality of a life experience during High School as possible. They deserve to learn in a safe environment where they can promote their independence while exploring their likes throughout their subjects. I believe that I have helped them in this aim and will continue to do so while I am here and working with the community. 

I am here for all of your students in whatever fashion they need. I want the community to know that I am here for them and available. I enjoy helping others and providing insight beyond the norm to truly reach each and every individual student to let them know their value. Please reach out to me if you have any questions or need to discuss anything at 610.682.5102 or I will be here for you.  


Mr. William Ostroski