Dear Brandywine Heights High School Students and Families,

It seems like not too long ago we opened for our first day of school and welcomed all of our students for the year.  As we approach the second semester here and have reached the midway point of our year together, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of your support and assistance so far as we work here to provide your students with opportunities to prepare for their futures.  The new year and new semester provide us with time to reflect and resolve as we enter 2023, and my hope is that we have provided all that we can for the students here and that we can continue to be such a tremendous community and support for our families in Brandywine Heights.  My personal resolution is to try and continue to work to get better each and every day for our students and for our community in every way that I can.

 Students, you have been a tremendous resource for me so far this year, and I cannot possibly thank you enough for that.  The chance to meet and work with each of you up to this point is the high point of each day, and the bright spot in my school year so far.  I have been so proud of you, and thankful for the opportunity to represent you as your principal.  I want you to know that the staff and I will continue to do the best we can every day to make sure that you are ready for college, a career, military service, or whatever path you choose to travel as you continue your high school experience and near graduation.  The coming Spring gives us a chance to set some goals, and I hope that you have taken a little time to set some aspirations for yourself.  Continue to build on all of the great things you have accomplished not only inside the classroom, but in everything you have accomplished outside the classroom as well in athletics, in the community, at work, and in all of the challenges and activities you take on each day.

Time moves so quickly in the Spring, and, before we know it,  we will be through the cold weather, winter sports and activities will wrap up, and we will find ourselves deep into our second semester.   Spring will no doubt bring us new challenges, but it will also bring exciting new experiences and opportunities for you as students. Together, the teachers and I will support you through every challenge as you approach the end of your high school career.  For our seniors, graduation will seem closer every day, and I know that you are no doubt excited to begin your next steps after high school.  For every student, it is my hope that in all of your experiences and for the remainder of our year, you remember to enjoy your time here, continue working hard and being nice, and know that if you need anything at all, you are surrounded by staff, teachers, and an administration that cares about you, and wants to support you to see you succeed.  Have a great second half of the year and thank you again!

Most Sincerely,

Matthew J. Dziunycz