If your child lost a hoodie this year, this catchy tune may help them find it:) https://youtu.be/9eQUBIqIAtw
7 days ago, Michelle Ward
Lost Hoodie Song
After hearing the story "Balloons Over Broadway" read by Mrs. Peters, students were able to see the Macy's Parade Studio Tour in VR.
11 days ago, Nicole Konyak
Students exploring Macy's Day Parade Tour in VR.
Students exploring Macy's Day Parade Tour in VR.
The IS/MS school is decorated beautifully for tomorrow's Veterans Day event. If you would like to watch the livestream of the assembly, use this link to join https://youtu.be/3Bjs4z_Sgps The link will go live at 11:30am Friday. More pics and videos will be posted tomorrow.
17 days ago, Michelle Ward
Veterans Day
This week is National School Psychology Week! Our wonderful psychologists provide services to support not only our students' academic achievement but also their social emotional well-being. Thank you, Mrs. Lambert & Mr. Furman for your dedication to our students! #schoolpsychweek
17 days ago, Chaydeanne Kleinfelter
Olivia Lambert and Michael Furman BHASD's school psychologists
The school psychologists working with students
Congratulations to our 4th & 5th grade students who were recognized today for the character trait of Work Ethic!
20 days ago, Nicole Konyak
Work Ethic Award Winners!
Work Ethic Award Winners!
Mrs. Hook's homeroom making edible metamorphic rocks!
23 days ago, Gina Hook
creating sediments
adding pressure
metamorphic rocks
metamorphic rocks
It's a PINK OUT tomorrow!!!!
24 days ago, Michelle Ward
wear pink everyone!
Next, we celebrate Mrs. Ward, our IS/MS Assistant Principal. New to BHASD this year she is helping to create a positive and fun learning environment for the IS/MS students and staff and getting them involved in many activities. Thank you, Mrs. Ward for being an awesome Assistant Principal! #thankaBHASDprinicpal
28 days ago, Chaydeanne Kleinfelter
Mrs. Ward celebrating with students as the Philly Phanatic
Mrs. Ward with MS cheerleaders
Mrs. Ward taking part in Spirit week!
Too much Halloween fun to fit in this post! Check out Facebook and Instagram for all the pics taken!
29 days ago, Michelle Ward
Go phillies
Halloween fun
great costumes
Beautiful day for a parade
Red Ribbon Spirit Week continues with these Brandywine Strong students at the IS building.
29 days ago, Michelle Ward
proud to be drug free!
all smiles
matching jerseys
what awesome school spirit
4th Grade classes played a Halloween breakout game! They used their math, reading, and cooperation skills to solve puzzles to breakout!
about 1 month ago, Nicole Konyak
Halloween Breakout Game
Halloween Breakout Game
Halloween Breakout Game
Today we celebrate Mr. Riggins, our IS/MS Principal. Mr. Riggins is in his 5th year at BHASD and 1st year as Principal. He is dedicated to putting students first and helping them to reach #newheights. Thank you, Mr. Riggins for being a fantastic principal! #thankaBHASDprincipal
about 1 month ago, Chaydeanne Kleinfelter
Mr. Riggins with students at lunch
Mr. Riggins helping student in class
Students celebrated the next letter of our PULSE Philosophy....U stands for Unity. Students celebrated their similarities and differences creating these beautiful flowers.
about 1 month ago, Michelle Ward
Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF is here! From 10/17 until 10/31, students can bring in loose change to donate to their homeroom collection jar. Families can also go to this link https://www.unicefusa.org/trick-or-treat?form=NSWVCMPR&member=SJZAGYRH Thank you for your support!
about 1 month ago, Michelle Ward
Thank you to the amazing camp staff, teachers, our nurse, the high school volunteers, and the 5th graders who smiled and had fun, no matter what the weather, and helped make wonderful school memories.
about 1 month ago, Michelle Ward
5th Graders!!!!
High School Volunteers
Camp staff
5th Grade Campers had an amazing two and a half days at Camp Conrad Weiser. Students could not stop talking about how much fun the counselors are who run the camp and the different activities they participated in. Please check out all the pictures shared on social media.
about 1 month ago, Michelle Ward
Can't complain about the dining hall food
Loving the cabin experience
Hands on learning at its best
Hike to the summit!
5th Graders are ready for three days of learning and fun at Camp Conrad Weiser!
about 2 months ago, Michelle Ward
Our fearless High School Camp Counselors
Ready for camp
Excitement is building
Ready to pack the buses
Mrs. Pany read aloud the story, Agate, to model and practice how to identify theme. After identifying that the theme of the story is about how everyone in unique and special in their own way, they each received their own unique agate.
about 2 months ago, Carly Worman
students show off their unique agates.
students listen to a read aloud of a mentor text.
Student select an agate from Mrs. Pany.
Great day for the annual Race for Education event! Students had a wonderful time on this beautiful Friday morning. I can't wait to find out what Mr. Riggins will have to do:)
about 2 months ago, Michelle Ward
I wonder which bucket had the most sticks:)
Time to vote, Mr. Riggins!
Friday Fun with Friends
On your mark, get set, GO!
Our principals inspire our students, teachers, and staff every day. In honor of National Principals Month, we will be highlighting our amazing BHASD principals throughout the month of October. Stay tuned! #reachingnewheights #nationalprincipalmonth #thankaBHASDprincipal
about 2 months ago, Chaydeanne Kleinfelter
National Principals Month