Mrs. Danette Seidel,
Guidance Counselor
Fax: 610.682.5105


K-12 Comprehensive Counseling Program

A detailed explanation of BHASD’s comprehensive, sequential program of guidance services for students K-12 is available by CLICKING HERE.

Services Offered

Individual Counseling: Working with students on an individual basis is top priority for the middle school counselor. At this age, many student concerns are normal, developmental issues. Listening to the student and helping him/her work through the problem is a positive approach for dealing with the concern. Parental, teacher, or student requests for seeing an individual should be made directly to the child’s counselor.

Mediation: The counselor is available to meet with small groups of students who need help resolving specific issues or conflicts. The Middle School also has a school-based peer mediation program in place. Students who wish to become peer mediators receive training in listening skills, problem-solving skills and decision making skills in order to help resolve conflicts among their peers. The peer mediators encourage their classmates to brainstorm creative, non-violent ways to resolve problems.

Student Assistance Team: The counselor receives referrals from teachers and parents for students regarding academic concerns or requests for gifted screenings.

Student Assistance Program: Referrals for the Student Assistance Program are made through the guidance department. This program is designed to help students with mental health or drug and alcohol problems to get connected with local agencies that can help. The Caron Foundation and The Council on Chemical Abuse (COCA) are the two agencies who work directly with the Student Assistance Program’s team.

Educational Screenings: To insure that all students are successful in the classroom, the counselor is available for parental and teacher consultation in regards to the student’s academic performance. Based on the outcome of the consultation the student may be referred to the Student Assistance Team. It is during a Student Assistance Team meeting that it may be decided that a student should be tested by the school counselor. With parental permission the school counselor will administer individual ability and achievement testing. The information obtained will then be shared with the Student Assistance Team and the parents. It is at this time that the decision may be made for the student to receive further testing by our school psychologist.