Dear families,

I am incredibly excited to start my seventh year as Principal of the Intermediate and Middle School. Writing this message, I am reflecting over the past years with a smile as I think of the amazing things our kids have accomplished over this time. From the genesis of our Explore Program to our Sports and Music programs bursting at the seams with participation, to our students pushing to #newheights in the classroom, our kids are involved and are evolving into strong citizens who will make an impact on their world!

As we enter the 2021-2022 school year and return to a greater sense of normalcy, Mr. Riggins and I cannot wait to get to continue this mission with your child as among our shared goals are to continue to be visible, responsive, and available to meet the needs of our students as they embark on another school year. Working as a team toward your child’s success, we will communicate with our teachers, school counselors, and students to foster a welcoming and safe learning environment.

This year we are excited to begin our "Every Child Needs a Superhero" program where every student in our building will be partnered with a "superhero teacher" who will serve in an advisory role to assist our students in greater growth and development! We will partner this program with our continued rollout of our school-wide P.U.L.S.E plan, which focuses on the character traits of Pride, Unity, Leadership, Service, and Engagement and our focus on increasing mindfulness in practice to become more empathetic and caring individuals. 

I consider the key to success at our school is a “commitment to character.” I firmly believe that a strong commitment to character will help your child be successful in their endeavors. I encourage students to work hard, be resilient in the face of challenges, and be humble in success. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns at: 610.682.5131 or Also, please follow our Facebook: and Twitter accounts at: @bhims_BHASD for information, updates, and pictures.


Robert C. Farina