If your student lost a hoodie, this catchy tune may help them find it:) https://youtu.be/9eQUBIqIAtw
7 days ago, Michelle Ward
Lost Hoodie Song
Mr. Scheuer's 7th Grade students are solving puzzles for the Healthy to the Core breakout game.
11 days ago, Nicole Konyak
Trying codes on the locks
Trying out the codes.
More Winners!
It's Hat Day! BBN students sporting their hats for today's broadcast.
11 days ago, Nicole Konyak
BBN Crew sporting their hats for Hat Day.
Veterans Day is here! So excited to welcome Veterans to our BHIS/MS ceremony. Happy Veterans Day and thank you for your service!
17 days ago, Nicole Konyak
Veterans Day helpers
Hospitality Room is always full of awesome Veterans stories.
Student Council & Yearbook helpers.
Therapy Dogs are always a hit.
The IS/MS school is decorated beautifully for tomorrow's Veterans Day event. If you would like to watch the livestream of the assembly, use this link to join https://youtu.be/3Bjs4z_Sgps The link will go live at 11:30am Friday. More pics and videos will be posted tomorrow.
17 days ago, Michelle Ward
Veterans Day
This week is National School Psychology Week! Our wonderful psychologists provide services to support not only our students' academic achievement but also their social emotional well-being. Thank you, Mrs. Lambert & Mr. Furman for your dedication to our students! #schoolpsychweek
17 days ago, Chaydeanne Kleinfelter
Olivia Lambert and Michael Furman BHASD's school psychologists
The school psychologists working with students
Please consider donating clean, used or new hoodies for this community service project.
18 days ago, Michelle Ward
Hoodie Swap
It's a PINK OUT tomorrow!!!!
24 days ago, Michelle Ward
wear pink everyone
Next, we celebrate Mrs. Ward, our IS/MS Assistant Principal. New to BHASD this year she is helping to create a positive and fun learning environment for the IS/MS students and staff and getting them involved in many activities. Thank you, Mrs. Ward for being an awesome Assistant Principal! #thankaBHASDprinicpal
28 days ago, Chaydeanne Kleinfelter
Mrs. Ward celebrating with students as the Philly Phanatic
Mrs. Ward with MS cheerleaders
Mrs. Ward taking part in Spirit week!
Never to old to celebrate Halloween at the MS building! So excited to see so many students in such creative costumes:) More pics can be found on Facebook and Instagram.
29 days ago, Michelle Ward
This old lady wasn't even late to class lol
Loved seeing this friendly T-Rex in the halls
all smiles on Halloween
Halloween fun
You should hear how well these awesome 7th graders play the guitar. What a great opportunity for our MS students to learn how to play!
29 days ago, Michelle Ward
Awesome opportunity for our students to try the acoustic guitar
Reading music and strumming the chords
Mrs. O'Brian leading the class to play the classic song, Proud Mary
MS students love having organized workouts after school in the weight room!
29 days ago, Michelle Ward
can't forget the triceps
Ab workouts
Learning to use machines
Spotting a bench press
Red Ribbon Week celebrates being drug free at BHASD! Great participation in our week of Spirit Days. All pics can be found on Facebook and Instagram!
29 days ago, Michelle Ward
proud to be drug free
This takes seeing double to a whole new level on Twin Day
Feelin Groovy
Brandywine Strong
Special guests on BBN this morning! Swedish Chef, giraffe, cow, care bear, and Day of the Dead weatherman!
about 1 month ago, Nicole Konyak
BBN Special Guests
BBN Special Guests
BBN Special Guests
BBN Special Guests
Today we celebrate Mr. Riggins, our IS/MS Principal. Mr. Riggins is in his 5th year at BHASD and 1st year as Principal. He is dedicated to putting students first and helping them to reach #newheights. Thank you, Mr. Riggins for being a fantastic principal! #thankaBHASDprincipal
about 1 month ago, Chaydeanne Kleinfelter
Mr. Riggins with students at lunch
Mr. Riggins helping student in class
Mr. Harvey's Inspire classes sponsored a bake sale today. All proceeds will go to Trick or Treat for Unicef during Red Ribbon Week.
about 1 month ago, Nicole Konyak
Inspire Class Bake Sale
Inspire Class Bake Sale
Inspire Class Bake Sale
Inspire Class Bake Sale
Get ready to celebrate life and live drug free! Next week is Red Ribbon Week and here are the spirit days to be ready for! There will be more photo booth fun all week!
about 1 month ago, Michelle Ward
Red Ribbon Week
Mrs. McMullen's 7th grade Math class playing a game to review addition and subtraction of integers.
about 1 month ago, Nicole Konyak
Math Review Game
Math Review Game
Math Review Game
Congratulations to MS Students of the Month for September!
about 1 month ago, Nicole Konyak
Congratulations to Middle School September Students of the Month
Students focused on the next letter of our PULSE Philosophy...U stands for Unity. Students celebrated each others similarities and differences with these beautiful flowers
about 1 month ago, Michelle Ward