Mr. Michael Wetzel,
Director, Buildings and Grounds

200 West Weis St.
Topton, PA 19562

Building & Grounds

The Brandywine Heights Area School District Buildings & Grounds Department is responsible for the daily operations of three school buildings throughout the district. Paramount to the department’s function is providing a clean, comfortable and secure school environment, conducive to learning for our students, in a manner which facilitates our talented teaching staff.

The department is comprised of a Director of Buildings and Grounds, A Custodial Supervisor, Two Maintenance Technicians, One Grounds Maintenance Technician, One Courier , Sixteen Full Time Custodians and Two Part Time Custodians. Additionally, the district contracts with several outside vendors to provide technical support in areas beyond the expertise and available resources of in-house staff. Collectively, this team works in collaboration with the Superintendent of Schools, the Business Manager and Building Administrators to ensure optimum operations of our facilities at all times. The department office is located in the Middle School just off of the music wing.

School District Building Projects

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