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Technology Frequently Asked Questions

The questions below are generated from conversations with BHASD parents/guardians.

1. Who will teach my child how to take care of this device?
A basic introduction to the device will be provided during the Open House/Meet the Teacher nights, as well as when the devices are handed out; however, proper care techniques will be primarily provided by the teachers (especially computer technology teachers).

2. Will my child just sit in front of a computer all day?
The Brandywine Heights Area School District recognizes the power and resources associated with technology, but are very much aware that technology is simply a tool in the educational process. Students will not be simply sitting in front of a computer all day.

3. Who will train the teachers so they can use them efficiently in the classroom?
There are many instructional leaders throughout the District. The goal is to work together in a collaborative process and learn from each other about what is working (and not working) in the classroom. This process is led by the Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology, building Principals, and our Professional Development Committee. We have already had several days of focused professional development concentrated around effective use in the classroom.

4. What apps will they be using?
At this time we do not have a list of apps generated. It is simply too early in the implementation process to form a summative list.

5. Will my child use the same computer each time?
Yes. In grades K-3, while students will not be taking home their devices (like in grades 4-12), they will still have one device that they will be using.

6. Who will be the tech support person in case they break?
The BHASD has 3 technicians on-site to help in any way possible.  In case of damage, loaner devices are also prepared so there is no loss of instructional time.

7. Will all the children be able to access Internet at one time?
Yes. We have just upgraded the wireless infrastructure to support our 1:1 initiative.

8. Who will help the classroom teacher until the kids get used to using them?
We have time built-in to the schedule for the computer teacher specialists to push into classrooms and help in any way necessary.

9. Will the children be bringing them home?
All students in grades 4-12 have the option to take their device home with them when the Principals and Teachers determine the time is appropriate. Students in grades K-3 must leave them in the classroom.

10. Can the children put personal software/music/games on their device?
While the focus of these devices is intended to be for instructional purposes, we are not prohibiting personal software/music/games on their device. However, it is imperative to still operate under the guidelines of the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy.

11. What happens if my son/daughter accidentally breaks their device?
There is an optional, annual $25 Technology Insurance which would cover all accidents. There is no deductible for repairs. The Technology Fee does not cover malicious damage to the device or lost equipment. There is also a reduced rate for students enrolled in the free/reduced meal program ($10 and $15 respectively).

12. What happens if my son/daughter loses their device or charger? Loss of a charger or device is not covered by technology insurance. There will be a fee applied to your son/daughter's account within Infinite Campus to replace the charger or device. We encourage families to keep devices and chargers in a common space at home where they may be easily found.