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Gifted Education

The Brandywine Heights Area School District is dedicated to providing educational programs that inspire and prepare all students for success by ensuring they are engaged in unique learning opportunities that address their needs, allow them to realize their potential, and instill in them a desire for lifelong learning.

Definition for Gifted

The Pennsylvania Department of Education defines “mentally gifted” as outstanding intellectual and creative ability the development of which requires specially designed programs or support services, or both, not ordinarily provided in the regular education program.

The term mentally gifted includes a person who has an IQ of 130 or higher or other factors (listed below) that indicate gifted ability. Gifted ability cannot be based on IQ score alone. If the IQ score is lower than 130, a child may be admitted to gifted programs when other conditions strongly indicate gifted ability.

The other factors to be considered include:

  • Achievement test scores that are a year or more above level

  • Observed or measured acquisition/retention rates that reflect gifted ability (how quickly a child learns new concepts or information, and how long he or she remembers it)

  • Achievement, performance or expertise in one or more academic areas that demonstrates a high level of accomplishment

  • Higher level thinking skills

  • Documented evidence that intervening factors are masking gifted ability

Procedure for Screening and Referral of Students thought to be Mentally Gifted

Brandywine Heights Area School District conducts a screening of all second and third grade students in an effort to identify those who are thought to be gifted and in need of specially designed instruction.  In addition, teachers and parents may individually refer a child for an evaluation if they suspect the child may be gifted and in need of specially designed instruction. The process seeks input from multiple sources: teacher recommendations, ability as well as achievement scores, and parent recommendations.  A permission to evaluate is sent home for parental consent.

Gifted Programming

The BHASD Gifted Education Program is committed to educational excellence. Ongoing assessment and suggestions ensure that our program provides for the needs of gifted students in all grades. Gifted support services ranging from enrichment to acceleration are matched to the needs of individual learners to provide an environment where students can maximize their exceptional ability and potential.

Gifted Education Resources:

A Parent’s Guide to Gifted Education

50 Resources for Parents and Teachers of Gifted and Talented Students

Notice of Parental Rights for Gifted Students

Chapter 16 – Special Education for Gifted Students

Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) Gifted Students

Pennsylvania Association for Gifted Children (PAGE)

National Association for Gifted Children (NAGC)

HOAGIES – The all-things-gifted site, full of resources, articles, books and links to help and support parents, teachers, and gifted children alike. – Students can follow a progression of lessons to learn an introductory coding curriculum using blocks.

Khan Academy – Free educational lessons on a variety of topics

Prodigy Math – Free curriculum aligned math game for students in grades 1-8.

Scholastic Books by Reading Level – You can search Scholastic books by your child’s Fountas and Pinnell reading level.

Common Sense Media – A great resource for parents to make sure that the content in a book your child wants to read is appropriate.

Typing Club – This website teaches proper typing skills