Workers’ Compensation


  1. Call 1-800-445-6965 to report your work-related claim to your Supervisor and to SDIC as soon as possible. You will then be assigned a claim number for your injury.  Please provide this number and SDIC’s address (PO Box 1249, North Wales, PA 19454) to all medical providers.

  2. Call in the school Business Office (610-682-5100 ext. 1301) to confirm that you have reported your work-related claim.

  3. Complete the forms in the Workers’ Compensation Packet and return them to the Business Office as promptly as possible. Please keep your WC Rights and Pharmacy Form for your records.

  4. If medical treatment is required, you must seek medical treatment for your claimed injury with one of the providers listed on the POSTED PANEL for ninety (90) days from the date of your first visit.

  5. Use the enclosed Pharmacy Sheet and temporary card to fill you prescription at your local CVS Pharmacy, Rite-Aid, Wal-Mart, Giant, Acme or Walgreen’s. Jordan Reses Company, the pharmacy management company, will send you a personalized pharmacy card for future prescriptions.  DO NOT use your personal health plan prescription card.  Jordan Reses may be reached at 1-800-848-4050.

  6. Notify your Claims Representative at SDIC and your Workers’ Compensation Coordinator immediately when you have received a return to work date.

Please call 1-800-445-6965 if you need any assistance or have questions regarding your work-related injury.

WC packets are linked above, located in each building at the front office or nurses station and online under Staff Resources.