State Mandates

Impact of State Mandates for Pennsylvania Public School Districts:

  • All school entities shall provide school employees with at least 3 hours of training annually:

    • At least 1 hour of training specifically focused on emergency training drills (in person delivery only ) and on threat assessment (online or in person delivery).

    • A minimum of two hours of training (online or in person) on one or more of the following topics: situational awareness; trauma-informed approaches; behavioral health awareness; suicide and bullying awareness; and/or substance use awareness.

  • Calculation of the cost in time and/or money to implement the new Act 55 requirement of 3 hours of training annually 

    • Cost for 3 hours of training = $7,191,917.44

      • 140,248 professional staff in Pennsylvania in 2021-2022 (PSEA)

      • Avg Salary = $73,071.70

      • Avg Hourly Wage = $51.28 (avg salary/190 days/7.5 hours)

      • Total cost for professional staff to complete 3-hour training = $7,191,917.44

    • Instructional Time lost for 3 hours of training = 5,218,356 hours

      • 1,739,452 students in Pennsylvania in 2021-2022 X 3 hours of lost instructional time for training = 5,218,356 hours of lost instructional time to implement 3-hour mandated training