Meal Price Lists

Meal prices for the 2022-2023 school year are as follows:

Elementary & Intermediate School Student Lunch: TBD
Middle & High School Student Lunch: TBD

Elementary & Intermediate School Student Breakfast: TBD
Middle & High School Student Breakfast: TBD

Student Reduced Breakfast: TBD
Student Reduced Lunch: TBD

Adult Lunch: TBD
Adult Breakfast: TBD

Please be sure your child has a lunch or sufficient funds in their account to purchase lunch. The district has established procedures in the event a child has no lunch or lunch money.

Meal Charge Procedure

The following procedures are established to address situations where a student does not have sufficient funds in their account for breakfasts and/or lunches. The term charge means the cost of the lunch will be charged to the student account and will result in a negative balance which must be paid immediately. The goal of this procedure is to develop responsibility as students transition through the school buildings and take on more accountability. The procedure is consistent with the latest guidance provided by the USDA and the Division of Food & Nutrition of the Pennsylvania Department of Education.

The District’s updated charging procedures as well as school board policy 808 – Food Service can be found below:

Board Policy 808 – Food Service