Transportation Frequently Asked Questions

When I register my child at a school, do I need to contact the transportation office to set up busing?
If your child is attending public school (Brandywine Heights High, Middle, Intermediate, or Elementary School), no. The registrar will work with the Transportation Department to add them to a bus.

If I register my child during the summer, how do I get the bus information?
Postcards are mailed during the 3rd week of August with bus information for the fall.

My child needs to be picked up and dropped off at a child care facility. Will there be busing?
If the childcare provider is in your school’s attendance area, we will set up busing from an existing stop, but it must be the only stop utilized for either morning or afternoon transportationWe cannot accommodate different stops on different days. Contact your school or our office for a list of providers within the attendance area.

How does the transportation office find out that my child needs busing from child care?
Parents must communicate this information to the Transportation Office each year by August 1.

What if I want to change my child’s bus stop?
You must contact the Transportation Office. When your change has been approved, parents are asked to send a follow-up note regarding the change to your child’s school office. Bus stop change requests may take one to two weeks to complete.

Will the bus driver allow my child to get off the bus if I am not there to meet him?
If your child is in kindergarten, we ask that you meet them at the bus stop. We will not discharge a kindergarten student without a parent or guardian present. Siblings, relatives, neighbors, etc. may meet kindergarteners only if the Transportation Office has been notified in writing that your child may disembark with that individual. Grades 1 – 12 are not required to have a parent or guardian at the bus stop.

My family moved. Whom do I call with the new information?
Contact your school office and provide the necessary proofs of residency. The school needs to keep student records up to date. The school will send your new address to each department that needs to be updated. You will be provided with new bus information if necessary.

If I have a complaint about a bus driver, whom do I call?
You may contact the bus contractor directly. Most problems are resolved immediately. If not, please contact the Transportation Department. Contact information is available on the transportation website.

If I have a complaint about a bus stop, whom do I call?
You may voice your concern to the Transportation Office.

May the district suspend busing services for a child?
Yes. Transportation is a privilege, not a right.

When does a school district have to provide transportation to a non-public school?
When a school district provides transportation for its public pupils, it must provide transportation services to nonpublic pupils of the same grade level. The nonpublic school must be nonprofit and located within ten (10) miles of the district’s boundary, measured by the nearest public highway. If the school building in which the pupil is enrolled is not located within the ten (10) mile distance, the nonpublic pupil is not eligible for transportation.

May the school district ask a child attending a nonpublic elementary school to ride on a vehicle with public high school students?