Mrs. Lasewicz’s Chemistry 1 class participated in a scavenger hunt of notecards with different conversions on them to apply their learned skills.
4 days ago, Carly Worman
Two students collaborate on a conversion they found in a scavenger hunt.
Two students complete a conversion they found in their scavenger hunt.
two students complete a conversion that they found in a scavenger hunt.
Mr. Lundy’s Black and White Photography class begin designing a photo shoot that will capture Mood and Emotion.
4 days ago, Carly Worman
students work on the presentation side of their mood and emotion photography project.
Students select their topic to capture mood and emotion and begin designing their presentation.
Students in the BHHS marching band selected their uniforms today for the school year!
4 days ago, Carly Worman
Students in marching band try on their uniforms and hats.
A marching band student ensures that all of the buttons are attached on the uniform.
Marching band students try on their marching band hats.
Mr. Sheeler’s PLTW students are working on their engineering skills by designing 3D models for houses.
5 days ago, Mandi Kercher
Working on 3D house designs
3D model design from blueprints
Today is Constitution Day! Students in Mrs. Huston’s class are working on a scavenger hunt using the Bill of Rights.
10 days ago, Mandi Kercher
Happy Constitution Day!
Students discussing the answer about the Bill of Rights
7th grade students working collaboratively
Students in Mr. Kistler’s Career and Financial Planning class utilize a number of skittles to determine what they can afford on a budget. Unfortunately, they got a pay cut and lost 7 skittles and had to readjust and prioritize how they spent their “money”.
11 days ago, Carly Worman
Students adjust their budget
Students adjust their budget
Students adjust their budget
Students adjust their budget
Students in Mrs. Conrad’s Physics class test the speeds of their cars based off of measurements of time and distance. #science #bhasdlearns
11 days ago, Carly Worman
A group of students sets up their lab experiment.
A laboratory group tests their cars speed.
Students test the speed of cars in a laboratory group.
Mrs. Conrad is giving students directions for a lab.
Today our Middle School honored first responders and remembered those who lost their lives September 11, 2001.
16 days ago, Mandi Kercher
Mr. Farina speaking
Mr. Riggins speaking
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For questions regarding contact tracing and quarantine guidelines, please click here
17 days ago, BHASD
BHASD Families - If you feel the bus will not be able to reach your regular bus stop, please know we will hold community pick-up/drop-off locations. See the image for details (or email blast that went out).
25 days ago, BHASD
Bus Table
Due to recent flooding, there will be a 2-hour delay on September 2, 2021.
25 days ago, Thomas Voelker
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Check out Mr. Scheuer’s physical education classes doing fitness challenge Jenga and hot potato.
25 days ago, Mandi Kercher
Fitness Jenga grade 8
Fitness Jenga
Hot Potato
Due to forecasted weather, there will be an early dismissal today (9/1/2021). High School = 12:45 Middle School = 1:00 Intermediate School = 1:55 Elementary School = 2:00
26 days ago, Thomas Voelker
NOW HIRING: Paraprofessionals. Click on the image for more information!
29 days ago, Thomas Voelker
Paraprofessional Advertisement
BHASD Paraprofessional Advertisement
We are loving having our kindergartners back for a full day!
about 1 month ago, Carly Worman
students in Mrs. Hoff’s class work at a table.
Mrs. Smith provides directions to students in her kindergarten class.
Students at the Elementary School are learning how to appropriately participate in carpet time!
about 1 month ago, Carly Worman
students in Mrs. Dirsa’s class sit on the carpet.
students in Mrs. Savidge’s kindergarten class sit on the carpet.
student in Miss Eisenhart’s room sit on the carpet.
Students in Mrs. Turner’s first grade class are loving their flexible seating options.
about 1 month ago, Carly Worman
students working on the floor
two students working, one is raising a hand.
students are sitting on different seating options.
Third graders are learning how to use their new Chromebook devices.
about 1 month ago, Mandi Kercher
Mr. Hogan’s room
Mrs. Ohl’s room
Students learning in the new common spaces at the Middle School.
about 1 month ago, Mandi Kercher
Inspire grade 8
Mr. Harvey
working in groups
Students in the intermediate and middle school became familiar with new spaces and started learning in classes!
about 1 month ago, Mandi Kercher
grade 5
grade 7
grade 6